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Alpaca Care:


We feed our alpaca grain specially formulated for them 2x/day and hay.  (Best hay is orchard grass hay at 12-14% protein).  They have free grazing on pasture.  In the winter months they may need more hay to offset the lack of pasture available.

Alpaca need an unlimited supply of fresh water.  The water should be cool in the summer and warm in the winter to make it most palatable. 

We “clean up” after our alpacas in the morning and evening removing the dung from the pastures.   Diligence about keeping the pastures clean helps to reduce the risk of parasites

Generally watching each alpaca to monitor changes in their personality which may be an indicator of illness.


Herd Health:  Taking weights or body scores, checking teeth, toenails


 Fecal testing with follow up as needed for each alpaca


 Shearing, inoculations (shots)

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